How much water do we eat?

How_much_WaterWater is one of the most precious resources and vital for everyone’s everyday life. Despite this obvious fact, people use large amounts of water often without knowing it because the water footprint of products is hidden. Our project would like to show how much freshwater is consumed when only eating a typical German breakfast – hoping for people to rethink their consumption patterns.

Virtual water consumption of students in Germany

Our Going Green Team of the “Gymnasium der Stadt Alsdorf” (Grammar School) quantifies the virtual water consumption of students when only eating a typical German breakfast.

How much water 2We present the first study of the water consumption of students at our school. Before calculations can be done, a “typical German breakfast”needs to be identified. Our Going Green Team started the survey on what a typical German breakfast contains by creating a questionnaire for all students of our school. The evaluations  show that depending on age and gender food preference and amount varies a lot.  The alarming amount of virtual water consumption will be analysed and diagrammed.

The main purpose of this project is to create awareness and understand social responisibility.  The impact our consumption can have on the environment is revealed  in a few examples and can be taken for further studies or for education in school.

how much water 3

Here you can find our statistics and the evaluation:

1_presentation_virtual water_evaluationLogo


Allgemeiner Anteil – virtuelles Wasser

Anteile virtuelles Wasser

Auswertung Klasse 5-10

Diagramm Trinkbrunnen Frühstück

Auswertung Klasse 11+12




Public relations

These statistics will be presented at school after spring break and also at the Water is Life conference in the Netherlands. This conference aims to bring bright young students from different countries together in a meeting of hearts and minds. It seeks to plant the seeds of friendship and dialogue, instill awareness on the issue of water management and develop scientific, diplomatic and leadership skills in young participants. Here is some more information on the Water is Life conference.