Film team at our school

On Wednesday a film team will come to our class.

A film shooting was carried out for a DVD for teacher training after the autumn holidays. This DVD is the third of the series „Begabtenförderung -Praxisbeispiele zur individuellen Förderung“ (= scholarship systems). The first two DVD’s show practical examples of successful education for gifted students. Under the link, you can see a movie clip:

Link to clips

LogoAt our school in Alsdorf examples of successful education in middle school was filmed. Here our project of Going Green was filmed, too during a typical English lesson. We talked about the results of the Bike Day and think of improvements for our next Bike Day.


Here the most important facts:

  • Who? LVR-Zentrum für Medien und Bildung, Medienzentrum für die Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Abteilung Medienproduktion für das Schulministerium NRW.
  • When? 21./22. 10., Mi/Do


How was the shooting?

Here you can see the presentation held on the day when the film team visited our lesson. It was a constructive discussion and we have some good new ideas for the next Bike Day.

bike day Click here for the new presentation: The BIKE DAY EVALUATION

More information on the BIke Day is here.