Toxic Fashion – Donating Clothes – Yes, we can!

Donating Clothes

clothes-2If we turn on the television or read the newspaper, almost daily images of war and terror, of destroyed houses, injured people, of senseless destruction and boundless misery dominate our news. Such images are the reality for innocent children. That is why we wanted to help. We wrote a letter to all parents and students of our school and informed about the action of our Going GreenTeam – donating clothes. The entire donation was taken to the Peace Village in Oberhausen. There children stay an average of six months to be treated by doctors and can forget the war at home for some time. We have moved many to be active.


28.11.2015 – This year we donated not only clothes but also some money for food, beverages and other important equipment urgently needed. The money was donated by a school run fundraising. Here you can see a picture when the check and the clothes were handout to Mr. Mertens, who is in charge of the international Peace Village in Oberhausen.

Why is donating clothes sustainble? What does it have to do with toxic fashion?

Take a look at our presentation on toxic fashion:

Going Green – by donating clothes